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Prenatal yoga can help you to experience a healthier and happier pregnancy. As the body is changing rapidly, this class is designed to support those changes by offering a safe way to stretch key muscles and to strengthen the body, whilst calming the mind.

The benefits of prenatal yoga include:

- Relief from common pregnancy complaints such as nausea, backache, digestive issues, emotional concerns, insomnia - to name just a few. 

Help in preparing for labour by using postures that promote optimal foetal positioning, and offering techniques to help mother to remain calm during labour, to allow the body to do what it instinctively knows how to do.

- Toning key muscle groups such as the pelvic floor, hip and core muscles, building strength, balance and encouraging good circulation.

- Allowing time to connect with your baby.

- Providing an opportunity to meet like-minded mothers and become part of a supportive community.

Yoga Alliance Emma Spilsbury Yana Yoga

Emma Spilsbury is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.
This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Contact Emma by:
Phone: 07491 900 484